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Gold FM Police File

Gold FM Police File

Posted April 08, 2020
Emergency Services , Podcasts

Senior Community Constable Harley North couldn’t come into the studio due to physical distancing so phoned in with an update of the police file. Another busy week for local policing. Click on our podcast link to hear the full interview with Senior Constable North and read a summary below.

Monday 30 March
A semi-truck and trailer crashed at SH2 north of Waihi. It crashed through a steel barrier and fell approximately 10 metres into a paddock. The truck was extensively damaged. No other vehicles were involved. The driver left the scene prior to police arrival and police are investigating.

Another truck and trailer unit was involved in a minor crash at Smith Street. A power pole was damaged causing disruption to power in the area. It was fixed by lines men shortly after.

Tuesday 31 March
A family harm incident at Hobson Street. A Waihi man was arrested for assault on a female. He was held in custody for Court in Hamilton.

Wednesday 1 April
A woman was arrested at The Crescent for assaulting her mother during a family harm incident. She was held in custody overnight for Court in Hamilton.

A residential property at Silverton Road was burgled. Power tools were stolen from a shed. Given the nature of the burglary it is suspected more than one offender was involved. Forensic test results are pending.

Another traffic crash at Bulltown Road where a tourist van crashed through a fence. There were no injuries. The driver stated he mistook the accelerator for the brake pedal.

A Waihi man was served with a demerit point suspension notice in the morning and by the afternoon he got his vehicle impounded for 28 days and a charge for driving whilst suspended because he ignored the notice.

Thursday 2 April
Athenree Homestead was burgled. A shed was broken into and petrol and tools were stolen.

A caravan was broken into at Bowentown Boulevard. Jewellery was stolen. The break-in appears to be historic.

Friday 3 April
A mountain bike was stolen from a carport at a Baker Street address. The brand is ‘Haro’. The bike is likely to still be in town and someone will have seen it.

Three male youths were disturbed forcing entry to a shed at Ross Ware Drive. They fled when the owner approached them. It is believed that the youths are local to the area. Police have a good idea who they are and are making enquiries.

An intoxicated driver failed an evidential breath test after being stopped at Kenny Street for speeding. The result of the test was 482 micrograms of alcohol. The driver was forbidden to drive and will be appearing in Court soon.

Saturday 4 April
A single vehicle moderate injury traffic crash at SH2 Athenree Gorge. A woman transporting her three children rolled her vehicle. All of the occupants were transported to hospital and later discharged with the exception of one child. Alcohol was a factor and police are waiting on blood test results. Referrals to other services have been made. Charges are likely to follow.

A Bethlehem woman was charged with driving with excess breath alcohol after her vehicle sustained a tyre puncture and she continued to drive on the rim eventually stopping at Victoria Park. Police arrived at the scene and she became aggressive, kicking and spitting. She was arrested and an evidential breath test returned a result of 819 micrograms of alcohol. She has been charged and will be appearing in Court soon.

Sunday 5 April
Police were called to a family harm incident involving a male and female fighting at Connell Street. The male fled the scene before police arrived. The woman refused to assist police and due to a lack of witnesses no further action could be taken.

Prevention Advice (COVID 19 Alert Level 4 directions)
Due to the non-essential travel restrictions the roads are a whole lot quieter than normal. But it does not mean we can ignore the road rules. It seems some people think it’s a good idea to walk down the middle of the road than use the footpath, or take the kids skateboarding down the middle of the street after dark. Others are having street gatherings out on the road. The danger is there are essential service workers travelling in their vehicles at all hours of the day night and others on essential travel to the supermarket or doctor. Then there is an element out there that think it’s a good time to go hooning around the streets in cars or motorcycles. The roads are still dangerous. Use common sense and stay off the road, respect the road rules and use them as you normally would.

Unfortunately some people are not taking the government’s directions seriously and are out flouting the rules by not self-isolating. Waihi Police have attended numerous incidents of people moving about unnecessarily and breaching other directions. The attitude of some is that it’s not my problem and it won’t affect me. That may be the case but those people are also potential carriers of the virus and may infect others who are vulnerable like the elderly, people with underlying health concerns and those with compromised immunity. Polices’ tiered approach at the moment is to engage, educate, encourage and enforcement (only if absolutely necessary). Ideally police would like to keep it at the first three. If it comes to it and people intentionally and repeatedly flout the rules they can expect enforcement which may include arrest and prosecution.

Police contacts
Report crime online to police via the NZ Police website: If it’s already happened call 105. If it’s happening now call 111. For traffic matters call *555 (mobile phone only). To remain anonymous call Crimestoppers 0800 555 111.