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News / Report of Level 4 lockdown breach no bull!

Report of Level 4 lockdown breach no bull!

Report of Level 4 lockdown breach no bull!

Posted April 08, 2020

The message is stay home stay safe and we’ve all been told to stay out of the water. There has been a bit of reporting in Whangamata about breaches of the Level 4 lockdown and this one was no bull.

Bradley Duffell snapped a local taking a sneaky dip at Whangamata this morning with the comment … Can you please stop putting everyone at risk! No swimming guys! There’s always that one who stuffs it up for the rest of us.

After chatting with Bradley we found out this bovine miss came from the farm leading onto the water which is owned by Bradley’s uncle. There are old paths and a few gaps in the area near an old loading dock previously used for cow feed where cows would flock to forage. Bradley said the smarter ones use their heads to get through barriers erected to keep them on the farm.

Miss smarty pants had a lovely time using her head and hoofing it down for a soak this morning.

When Bradley posted the pic to social media he received some classic comments like… selfish cow … Don’t worry someone has already called 105 to dob her in … She must be friesian … Yeah, she’ll have to put a JERSEY on after her swim!! … Don’t milk it and cud it out … Salted caramel milk … I have room to quarantine her in my freezer … Looks like the cow is not ready to Mooooove on … Where’s the udder one? … On the beach listening to moo sic … What a cow! … It’s that mad cow disease lol - I think we are all suffering from that right now … Trying to milk it … That’s cowrona virus … Fresh rump. Surf n turf.

We could add a few comments but we don’t want to become a laughing stock…. thanks for the pic and the smiles Bradley!