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Gold FM School Report

Gold FM School Report

Posted April 09, 2020

Brian Gentil caught up with Alistair Cochrane, Principal of Waihi College, on Thursday morning about schools in general terms.

With the lockdown caused by Covid-19 schools all went on holiday early, and the second term gets underway this coming Wednesday.

But it’s school as no-one knows it with teachers and students working from home.

Alistair talked about the systems being put in place to get as much information out on the net, and how the Education Department is catering to those that aren’t on the net.

This is changing day to day Alistair said, and if anyone has a concern they should get in touch with the teachers and school.

Most will have contact details on their school websites.

Alistair also talked about the international students. Some have managed to get home to their families while others have decided to stay here for the duration of the rahui, or lockdown.

Alistair will be back again next Thursday at 9.15 am with another update.

To listen to the full interview with Alistair … click on our podcast link.