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News / Tuis trilling in town...yeah right!

Tuis trilling in town...yeah right!

Tuis trilling in town...yeah right!

Posted April 09, 2020

It’s been very quiet in the Waihi CBD for the past 2 weeks with very little activity happening, except for visits to the ‘holes in the wall’ and the occasional walker(s) out exercising through Seddon Street.

Those of us still working in town, like us here at Gold FM and Wendy and Murray Sanson at the Salvation Army, or those living close to the CBD like David at The Sterling, have been hearing something out of the ordinary in the last few days.

Tuis are providing some welcome entertainment with their songs filtering through the top end of Seddon Street.

Brian Gentil has been trying to get a portrait or two of the feathered visitors but so far they’re being elusive and allowing us to hear but not see them. We’re not complaining.

Maybe they’ve always been there but we’ve missed their songs due to the everyday street sounds, or maybe they’re like a lot of other animals and taking the opportunity to explore their world without our interruptions.

Photo: example only - we’re still aiming to zoom in