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Gold FM Fire Call Out

Gold FM Fire Call Out

Posted April 15, 2020
Emergency Services , Podcasts

Chief Fire Officer Moe Stevens joined Brian Gentil on the Breakfast Show to go over the seven call outs the Waihi Fire & Rescue responded to across the last week.

They started with yet another reminder that there is still a total fire ban in place, even with the showers over the last couple of days.

Moe said the winds we have will quickly dry the land off again, and the other reason is the danger to all the fire and rescue team having to leave their respective bubbles during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Last Monday, 6 April they were called to Dobson St at 8.30 pm to a backyard fire, which they duly put out, reminding the person there that the fire ban is still in place.

Wednesday 8 April the alarm went off at 9.30 am to a call out at a property just past the Waitete Bridge on State Highway 2 where a power point exploded. The reason at this stage is unclear but it may have been overloaded. The firefighters checked everything was alright and returned to base.

Then at 2.15 pm the same day they attended a rubbish fire at a farm on Pukekauri Rd, on the outskirts of Waihi. The farmer was having a burn off, including some of the plastic wrap the bales are wrapped in, which is a big no-no Moe said. The tanker was called in as backup but wasn’t required, returning to the station. Again they had to put the fire out.

On their way back to base the crew noticed another rubbish fire, this time in Symonds St Waihi, which they extinguished. Another explanation was forthcoming to yet another person who ‘didn’t realise there was a fire ban in place’!

On Saturday morning at 7.15 am the call out came from Pukekauri Road where a boiler room adjacent to a house had caught alight. The fire had been put out by the time Waihi Fire & Rescue got there but they still ran through their process to check there was no chance of the fire reigniting.
Moe said it was lucky the boiler didn’t explode and that the house, which was only about a metre away, didn’t catch fire.

On Saturday evening at 10.45 pm they attended yet another rubbish fire, this time in Kenny St.And on Sunday, at a very early 3.30 am, a person out for a walk, yes at that time of the morning, called in a sighting of smoke in Mueller St, just around the corner from the fire station.

After travelling the road they couldn’t find any sign of a fire and headed back to the station. Moe wasn’t quite sure why someone was out walking at that time of the morning, but thought perhaps it was to keep their two metre social distance?

To listen to the full Fire Call Out … click our podcast link.