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News / Council Matters with Hauraki Mayor Toby Adams

Council Matters with Hauraki Mayor Toby Adams

Council Matters with Hauraki Mayor Toby Adams

Posted April 16, 2020
Council Matters

Hauraki Mayor Toby Adams phoned in for a catch up with Brian Gentil about council matters.

Toby has quite enjoyed lockdown and spending time with his family. He is looking forward to getting out and having a meal out or something like that, when lockdown is over he said.
He’s counting down the days and hoping the Prime Minister decides we go to level 3 and things will look a little bit different for us next week.

Brian and Mayor Toby talked about the council working remotely and how necessities and essential work are still happening. Toby said he’d had some good feedback, which is pleasing.

Hauraki District Council held a video workshop yesterday and looked at the rates for the district. The good news is rates will be kept down from 5.4 to 3.9 which is absolutely fantastic, the Mayor said - and the water rates increase has been trimmed from 6% to 3% due to some of the savings that have been made.

Brian and Toby discussed rates and wage freezes and cuts happening elsewhere and touched on the Annual and Long Term Plan and how council can benefit rate payers the most.

The Annual Plan will be pretty much be as is and not too much will change from that but the savings will now be included and the Long Term Plan will be looked at and work will be done to make sure we get the most bang for our buck, Mayor Toby said.

Brian asked how Hauraki District Council is doing financially. The Mayor is pretty comfortable and said he feels the rest of the Councillors and staff are too.

Projects will be looked at and while some may be put back, others may be pulled forward, particularly if they can benefit local contractors. The next phase is to dig deep and see what we can do to help our community the best, the Mayor said.

“There’s a ton of businesses and a ton of opportunities to get whatever you need locally. If you’ve of things in mind for once you come out of lockdown, support your local businesses.”

Brian and Toby ran through the 0800 800 405 number for people needing help with food or welfare and Toby brought up the 1737 number people can text or ring if people have stress or depression concerns. He also recommended people with rates worries contact council quickly and said he is available if people want to call him and he will ring someone on your behalf.

If anyone sees anything that needs attention, don’t hesitate, “hound your Councillors,” Mayor Toby recommended.

To hear the full interview with Hauraki District Mayor Toby Adams click on our podcast link.