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Gold FM Fire Call Out

Gold FM Fire Call Out

Posted April 20, 2020
Emergency Services , Podcasts

The week was a little quieter for the Waihi Fire and Rescue team with just four call outs, and only one to an open fire during the fire ban period, Moe Stevens, the Chief Fire Officer told Brian Gentil this morning.

Last Tuesday, April 14 at 1.30 pm the siren went off after some power lines came down on Trigg Rd, just east of Waihi township. Firefighters secured the area and stayed until the authorities took over and the lines were repaired. A reminder that it’s important to treat all power lines as live at all times.

Moe said the next call out was on Thursday morning, April 16, with the first job of the day at 9 am, a medical assist with St John.

Then an hour later at 10 am they were called out to a backyard fire in Roberts St. This had been extinguished by the time they arrived, although there was still a strong smell of smoke. That suggested they knew it was illegal but lit it anyway, putting firefighters at risk exiting their bubbles unnecessarily.The last call out was at 2.30 pm on Friday afternoon when a cat got stuck up a tree in Noel’s Crescent. The owners were very concerned, and while the fire service didn’t manage to get the cat down, as Moe said, if it finds its way up a tree, it will find its way down, when it’s cold or hungry. Last report Moe said he believed the cat had come down from its lookout.

Moe and Brian finished with a friendly reminder to check batteries in smoke detectors, and to keep looking when you’re cooking, especially with so many people at home during Level 4 lockdown, on at the moment.

To listen to the Gold FM Fire Call Out … click play on our podcast link.