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News / Council Matters with Hauraki Mayor Toby Adams

Council Matters with Hauraki Mayor Toby Adams

Council Matters with Hauraki Mayor Toby Adams

Posted April 24, 2020
Council Matters , Podcasts

Hauraki District Mayor Toby Adams caught up with Brian Gentil with an update on what’s been happening with council recently.

With the country still in Covid-19 Alert Level 4 before dropping to Level 3 when we wake up on Tuesday morning, Brian asked how things were going with council with the changes to rubbish collections and also people staying at home, especially across the long ANZAC weekend.

Getting in touch with council was another topic they covered, with service centres still taking calls and passing on service requests.

Toby was asked about the rates and late payment penalties. He said there are a variety of things council has put into place to help like payment schemes, deferred payments and no interest penalties to be charged, and anyone in hardship should contact council to discuss options that are available.

Another Zoom council workshop was held yesterday. It was mainly about Development Contributions, while also covering a number of other things.

Another issue at the moment is people flushing wet wipes down the toilet. While the packaging says they are eco-friendly, they don’t break down as they try to go through the pipes and they cause some bad blockages, so the bin is where these must go.

Toby and Brian spoke about the unique ANZAC Commemorations taking place tomorrow, ANZAC Day with no Dawn Service or town services happening.

Toby said he’s seen some local letterboxes and front yards showing poppies and encouraged others to dress up their letterbox with homemade poppies, along with windows, doors or wherever poppies can be seen by others … from a safe distance.

To listen to Council Matters with Hauraki Mayor Toby Adams … click our podcast link.