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Gold FM Police File

Gold FM Police File

Posted April 24, 2020
Emergency Services

Media Release: Senior Constable Harley North Waihi Police

Senior Community Constable Harley North sent through the police file this week.

Harley says … At Waihi we have been very busy with policing COVID19 L4 issues with road checkpoints, checks on confirmed cases, suspected cases, breaches and allegations of breaches.

A lot of our usual policing issues have backed off due to the lockdown.Locally disorder, traffic offences, burglary and theft have reduced.

Family harm incidents have increased but not hugely and most have been minor involving verbal disputes resulting in police safety orders getting served in most cases and people rehoused in temporary accommodation during the lockdown.

Our daily routine issues involving mental illness, service of Court orders, offender bail checks, minor traffic incidents and assisting other emergency and social services continue as normal.

Police’s approach to the COVID19 alert level situation is still to engage, encourage, educate and enforce but only as a final option.

Wednesday 15 April
A Whangamata man was arrested for assault with a weapon after he presented a knife and threatened two staff members at New World supermarket Whangamata. No physical injury occurred to any person. The man was held in custody and has been referred to social services.

Friday 17 April
A Waihi woman was arrested at a Whangamata address after she ignored repeat warnings from police and breached the COVID19 L4 restrictions for the sixth time since it began. She is now on Court bail with a 24hr curfew. She has been charged with breaching the Health Act.

Saturday 18 April
A Waihi male was arrested for a historic residential burglary at Patterson Place, Waihi Beach. He had been actively avoiding police. Police obtained a warrant to arrest the male. He was held in custody overnight for Court.

Sunday 19 April
A Paeroa man was arrested for assaulting a woman at George Street, Paeroa. He allegedly punched the woman in the head during a family harm incident which spilled out on to the street. The man was also wanted to arrest by police for other offences. He has been remanded in custody.

Monday 20 April
A Paeroa woman was arrested for repeatedly breaching the COVID19 L4 restrictions. She was later released with a pre-charge warning.

Thursday 23 April
Two drivers got their vehicles impounded after both were stopped driving at Waihi while both forbidden to drive.