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News / Is your dog bored in lock down?

Is your dog bored in lock down?

Is your dog bored in lock down?

Posted April 24, 2020
Council Matters

Media Release: Thames Coromandel District Council

Is your dog bored in lock down? TCDC has provided some great tips from animal behaviourist Mark Vette

If your dog is used to going to highly stimulating environments, such as dog parks and beaches where they can socialise with other people and other dogs, then this quiet time at home might make them go a bit stir-crazy.

You can (and should) get out to exercise your dog every day still, but you’ll be unable to come into contact with other people and dogs.

To combat this, find ways to stimulate your dog at home and on walks. Teaching your dog new commands or tricks is a fantastic way to enrich your dog’s life, while at the same time strengthening the bond you have with your dog. This is a chance to have a bit of fun and teach your dog something new.

Get yourself set up with a clicker and some delicious training treats, and get going.

Try one (or all) of these:
Mark Vette is an animal behaviourist based in the Coromandel who has lots of tips and tricks to support your dogs during lockdown.

Here are some tips from Mark:

• Teach your dog to roll over, kiss, stand up on his hind legs, shake hands, fetch or clean up his toys by teaching him to “drop” them in a container

• Make a treasure hunt for your dog. Put him in a room, then lay a trail of small pieces of delicious food around the house or garden. Let your dog out and allow him to follow his nose to find the hidden treats

• Play tug-o-war

• Create your own mini agility course around the house. You can use common household items such as a blanket or stool to jump over, a hula hoop to jump through, get creative.

• Teach your dog to chase bubbles

• Play hide and seek. Tell your dog to stay, go find a hiding spot, then call out to your dog to come and find you. If your dog doesn’t have a strong “stay” command, someone else in the house could distract them while you hide.

• Play the “which hand” game. Hide a treat in one hand then hold both fists in front of your dog. When your dog sniffs or paws the correct hand, open it up to let them have the treat