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Gold FM Fire Call Out

Gold FM Fire Call Out

Posted April 29, 2020
Emergency Services

Brian Gentil spoke to Chief Fire Officer Moe Stevens to find out what sort of week they’ve had.

It had been a busy one with 13 fire call outs - mainly to rubbish fires.

Although Fire & Emergency NZ have lifted fire restrictions there is little information easily available to give guidance.

People are seeing smoke from rubbish fires and calling them in now that people are taking advantage of the fire ban being lifted.

Firefighters are having to leave the safety of their COVID-19 bubbles to answer the siren.There were also some large rubbish fires on farms last week.

One of the fires caused a bit of concern when rubbish fire embers got very close to a wool shed. Luckily the Waihi firefighters wasted no time getting there and put the fire out before major damage could be caused.

A controlled burn at Golden Valley Road on Monday caused a bit of concern for those in charge so the Waihi Fire & Service went to assist if needed.
The fire was under control by the time they arrived and no further action was required.

On the way back another call out came in to Old Tauranga Road as someone had set a hedge on fire.

Another fire at Waihi Golf Club was checked to ensure it didn’t spread too close to the hedgerow.

To hear Chief Fire Officer Moe Stevens with more details about local fire call outs click on our podcast link.