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Gold FM School Report

Gold FM School Report

Posted May 01, 2020

Waihi College Principal Alistair Cochrane reported in on how Waihi College has been preparing for students returning to school in Alert Level 3.

The school has been thoroughly cleaned to meet Ministry of Health guidelines and Alistair said it’s nice to be getting back to a little bit of normality.

Zoom is being used for staff meetings, which is a bit different.The first day back only 6 students turned up for school which is a good thing as it’s recommended kids stay home if they can.

To support parents that have to go back to work, we’re happy to do it, Alistair said.

He also mentioned for most students their online learning at home probably gives them a better quality of life because schools have created bubbles for students and they have to stay in them the whole day.

He also said it’s a luxury for him and his staff teaching the older students who have a different level of understanding. He feels for the teachers of younger students.

Parents supervising students at home can contact the school if they need help.Not all students are engaging in the online learning. “We’re very conscious that not all families have online access and one of the frustrations has been the slowness from the Ministry of Education to get the devices out to families.”

Over the last few days Waihi College has been preparing hard packs which parents are collecting and Alistair said parents who haven’t received anything should be contacted to be updated about hard packs within the next few days.

Most schools are experiencing similar numbers attending to us Alistair said.

He finished off by reminding us about the Prime Ministers words - to be kind and remember this affects us all in different ways in different stages. “I’m sitting here in my office and it’s weird because there’s no kids and there’s no staff and those scenarios come and go and eat away at your emotions, so be kind to everyone and be kind to yourself.”