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Gold FM School Report

Gold FM School Report

Posted May 07, 2020
Education , Podcasts

Brian Gentil caught up with Alistair Cochrane, Principal of Waihi College, where with the Covid-19 lockdown they have just 6 to 8 students in class, and in bubbles.

The rest are schooling from home, but there’s a concern that with a 70% strike rate 30% aren’t engaging. This will need to be looked at across New Zealand as it will be hard for these students to catch up, and with senior exams at the end of the year it’s a concern.

What the Qualifications Authority will do with this situation is a big question that will need to be answered Alistair said.

With a lot more information coming through later today about Alert Level 2, what it means and when and how many students will be returning to school they’ll have a much clearer picture of how school will operate in the coming weeks.

Alistair and Brian touched on the quality and quantity of the education being offered at the moment.

Tablets are finally getting out to some students but unfortunately there’s still a shortfall.

Hard copies are also being distributed to students.

Feedback from teachers seems to be mainly positive with the changing style of teaching, and Alistair said there’s bound to be a few changes in the future with the way schools use this technology.

Making sure they keep their social distancing will be a challenge when students do return to school, as they tend not to worry so much about it, but it’s so important at the moment, Alistair said.

Parents and students will be advised about expected changes when more information is available.

To listen to the full interview … click play on our podcast link.