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News / Council Matters with Hauraki Mayor Toby Adams

Council Matters with Hauraki Mayor Toby Adams

Council Matters with Hauraki Mayor Toby Adams

Posted May 08, 2020
Council Matters , Podcasts

Hauraki District Mayor Toby Adams can multi task. He called in to talk with Brian Gentil from his spin bike. He’s looking forward to hearing key dates for when we can move to Alert Level 2 so local parks, libraries and more can reopen, with all the necessary COVID-19 guidelines in place.

Although we’re heading towards Alert Level 2 - which is great news, it’s not yet in place, we’re still at Level 3 and need to stick to the rules!

Brian asked what a change means for HDC staff, customers/ratepayers and whether council meetings will head back into Chambers.Mayor Toby explained that the Hauraki District Council building will be open to the public with shields and other safety recommendations in place.Council will also be looking at how they utilise office space, carparks, vehicle movements, all sorts of things. “There’ll be a lot of learning,” Toby said.There are still vulnerable people within council and if it means having another couple of Zoom meetings then that’s what will happen. Or some Councillors could attend meetings and others could ‘Zoom’ in.

Brian asked for the latest on the Ngatea road construction works.Mayor Toby said it would have been good to get work done during Level 4 but it wasn’t deemed as essential even though Hauraki District Council considered it was. “Level 3 they came back and they’re concentrating on getting the parking bays and the kerbing and channelling finished, and then we can crank into our footpaths and really smarten it up. Some of the last bit of the roading that needs sealing will have to wait for summer. We need the warmer weather to get that to go off. It’s going ahead - not as fast as everyone would hope but it’s getting there.”

Water restrictions are still in place in Waihi and Waikino. Although we’ve had some rain, it’s not quite enough. Mayor Toby said, “A few more rainy days and we should be able to get back to normal.”

With the annual plan signed off last week major projects are being looked at to see what can be brought forward. Helping local contractors and their staff get back out and into work is a no brainer the Mayor said.Toby explained a bit about development contributions when Brian asked, what’s the latest on this? Making it as user friendly as we possibly can is the plan going forward.

Mayor Toby had some advice about getting through these difficult times and reminded everyone to hang in there because we’re getting towards the end of it now. “Take care and look after yourselves.”