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Gold FM Fire Call Out

Gold FM Fire Call Out

Posted May 11, 2020
Emergency Services

Chief Fire Officer Moe Stevens brought us up to date with the Waihi Fire Service and Rescue call outs across the last week when he talked with Brian Gentil this morning.

Moe said it’s good that people are calling to let them know they are looking at lighting a fire, but the Fire Service is bound by law to go to check if a call comes in. And that’s reassuring for the public.

The siren sounded for five jobs to attend; the first was last Wednesday May 6 at 4 pm when the firefighters were called out to Waihi Cemetery.

A large fire had been lit to burn off some waste and rubbish. The wind blew the fire towards shelter belts so it was put out. The following day the fire reignited but was allowed to burn as the winds were not steering the fire in the same direction.

Early that evening at 8 pm the siren went off after a call to assist the ambulance.

It was an early start on Friday 8 May to a call out a 4.40 am to help land a helicopter at Morgan Park.

There were two calls on Saturday, May 9. The first was at 1 pm for a scrub fire at Otawhiwhi, Bowentown. It had been lit but got into some grass and Waihi Fire and Rescue backed up Waihi Beach to put it out.

The other call came at 4.30 pm on Saturday after a rubbish fire was reported in Wilson St / Gilmour St area. This was checked and all was OK.

Last words were some advice … please keep looking while you’re cooking.

To hear the full Fire Call Out … click play on our podcast link.