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OceanaGold Projects Update

OceanaGold Projects Update

Posted May 13, 2020
Business , Environmental

Brian Gentil had another Q & A session with OceanGold’s Kit Wilson this morning. Kit is still working from home, but not for too much longer.

Brian asked what moving from Alert Level 3 to Alert Level 2 will mean for OceanaGold, it’s workers and contractors.Kit said when level 2 kicks in they’ll virtually all be heading back to work, with just a few staying to work from home.

Brian asked what OceanaGold had done with staff wages since the lockdown and what they were looking at doing heading into level 2.

Community meetings were also discussed as the public should be able to attend these under Level 2 constraints. There may be some restrictions Kit said but they are working on these meetings to make sure they have everything in place in advance.

A question came in from a Clarke Street resident about the Trio mine and what they were doing there after feeling some blasts lately, and how that may be affecting the properties nearby.

Kit said they weren’t doing anything in Trio at the moment and it will more than likely be blasts from other areas of the underground operation, vibrating through to their properties.

Brian and Kit also talked about the new vent being put into Martha Mine, what stage it was at and where it could be seen.Kit said he hadn’t been up to the pit rim recently but reports are it has just broken through the wall and isn’t operational yet.

And there has been some action at the iconic Waihi Pumphouse this morning. Kit explained it wasn’t to do with the security fencing that LINZ put up several months ago. This work is general monitoring of the steel and walls for safety purposes so people shouldn’t get alarmed.

To listen to the full interview … click play on our podcast link.