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Gold FM Police File

Posted May 20, 2020
Emergency Services , Podcasts

Senior Community Constable Harley North reported in on a busy week for local police. Click on our podcast to hear the full Police File.

Monday 11 May
Two chainsaws were stolen from a vehicle at Wellington Street. Husqvarna and Stihl. Forensic test results to follow. If anyone has information or knows of a chainsaw being offered for sale or trade contact police.

Last weeks suspended driver was at it again but this time riding a motorcycle. Another charge and another vehicle impounded for 28 days.

Tuesday 12 May
Believe it or not the suspended driver struck again at SH2 Waikino. His list of charges keeps growing as well as the number of vehicles he has in impound.

Wednesday 13 May
A Bowentown man was arrested for allegedly squirting diesel on a woman from a petrol pump at the GAS station on Beach Road. He is charged with assault and will be appearing in Court soon. He was also suspended from driving due to excess demerits and trespassed from the premises.

A Hamilton man was arrested at a Mataura Road address for breaching his Court release conditions. He was released from prison in the morning with an ankle bracelet and strict conditions not to associate with a victim and not to enter Hamilton. He breached both conditions by midday and was back in a cell by the afternoon.

Thursday 14 May
A Whangamata man was arrested at a Lincoln Road address for a warrant to arrest. The warrant was issued for breaching his community work conditions.

A Waihi man was trespassed from the transfer station at Dean Crescent after a dispute with an employee. The male allegedly ignored warnings not to enter the premises and side swiped the employee’s leg with a trailer. The victim was not injured.

Another Waihi man was arrested at Victoria Street after he allegedly entered a commercial building and took a hammer then smashed a window. He uplifted a steel wheel rim and threw it through the side window of a van. Police located the him nearby and took him into custody. He is charged with wilful damage and will be appearing in Court soon. Other charges may follow.A Whitianga man failed an alcohol breath test with a result of 324 micrograms of alcohol. He was also forbidden to drive. He was found under the influence in his vehicle at the end of Clarke Street.

Friday 15 May
A vehicle was stolen from a Silverton Road property overnight. It was located later at Victoria Street. The battery was removed. Police are waiting on forensic test results. If anyone has information or knows of a battery being offered for sale or trade contact police.

An intoxicated driver crashed into another vehicle at Gilmour Street and Kenny Street intersection. The impact of the crash caused the victim’s vehicle to collide with a nearby tree. The offending driver fled from the scene but was found at a nearby address. He failed an alcohol breath test with a result of 724 micrograms of alcohol. Both vehicles sustained extensive damage. The victim was not injured. A Waihi man will be appearing in Court soon.

Saturday 16 May
Three burglaries reported from overnight. A Waihi Beach residential property had a handbag was stolen from an outside chair. A Grey Street property had meat was stolen from a freezer and a Carrick Robertson Place dwelling had some furniture items stolen sometime over the last few weeks.

Three offenders were found in a stolen vehicle at Seddon Street. The vehicle had been stolen last week from Waihi. The driver has been charged and two others are being referred for alternative resolution.

An offender was arrested for robbery of a dairy on Normanby Road, Paeroa. The offender entered the premises armed with an air pistol and a knife. They were restrained by the shop keeper and members of the public. Police took the offender into custody and charges will follow. The shop keeper sustained a minor injury from the offender’s knife.

Sunday 17 May
Four vehicles were involved in a traffic crash at the intersection of SH2 and Crean Road. The offending driver fled from the scene. No injuries to any drivers or passengers. Most vehicles sustained minor to moderate damage. Police are making enquiries to locate the offending driver.

Monday 18 May
A burglar trying to break in to the bowling club at Morgan Park was reported to police by a local. When he was unsuccessful he then attempted to gain access to the new clubrooms that several sports clubs use on Morgan Park. He was unsuccessful again and thanks to a member of the public calling the police at the time they were able to locate and arrest him for being unlawfully on a property. No damage was done to the properties and the man will now face charges.

Later on Monday night police managed to arrest a man regarding a burglary that was reported on our Police File last week in Snells Crescent at Waihi Beach. When searched he was found with burglary tools and cannabis along with other drugs as well. The gentleman is a recidivist burglar who has been repeatedly offending in the area for a number of years and he’s been remanded in custody.

Crime Prevention Advice
There was a concerning spike in burglaries this week. Always lock up your vehicle when you’re not present and put your valuables out of sight or even better remove them. Lock up your home day and night too. Failure to do this provides opportunity for offenders. Target harden your property with an alarm system on your house and vehicles and report all suspicious behaviour at the time it is occurring.

Road Policing Message
As anticipated with the lifting of COVID19 travel restrictions there was a lot more traffic on the roads. Sadly some people endangered other motorists by driving under the influence of alcohol. Luckily there were no serious injuries. Drunk drivers don’t get warnings, they get prosecuted every time.

Police contacts
If it’s happening now call 111.

Report crime online at - If it’s already happened call 105.

For traffic matters call *555 (mobile phone only).

To remain anonymous call Crimestoppers 0800 555 111

All police station public counters are open business hours again and police staff are working 24/7 as always.