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Gold FM School Report

Gold FM School Report

Posted May 21, 2020
Education , Podcasts

Brian Gentil chatted with Waihi College Principal Alistair Cochrane and asked how things were now students were back in school after the Covid-19 lockdown period.

Alistair talked about the teachers Only Day last Friday, the cleaning procedures and plans put in place for the return of almost 700 pupils, along with 50 plus teachers.

He said they had a good number return and most were well behaved, respecting others personal space.

Brian and Alistair also talked about the overall feel across the country as term two like no other goes back into the classroom.

Alistair mentioned it was good the authorities had decided to delay the start to senior exams at the end of the year, which will give a little more space and time for students to study.

To hear the full interview … click play on our podcast link.