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News / Extinction Rebellion has a message for Labour Party MPs

Extinction Rebellion has a message for Labour Party MPs

Extinction Rebellion has a message for Labour Party MPs

Posted May 22, 2020

On Sunday May 24th Extinction Rebellion groups across Aotearoa will be gathering outside Labour Party electorate offices to thank MPs for their effective Covid-19 response and to actively advocate for a Green Covid Stimulus.

“Extinction Rebellion asks the Government to extend their enormously successful Covid-19 leadership into decisive and courageous leadership to address the climate and ecological crisis. The decisions made now will have lasting consequences. They will determine whether this century is one of ongoing climate induced crises, or one in which we and our children’s children can thrive, safely.” Says Extinction Rebellion Spokesperson Caril Cowan

“The government is making decisions about recovery spending, and about how democratic these decision making processes will be. The Government needs to maximise public participation in the fast track process for any shovel ready projects with significant environmental consequences.” Says Cowan.

Currently the Resource Management Act prevents the public’s concerns about the climate crisis from being heard. This is illustrated by the EPA’s recent decision to allow OMV to conduct more 10 more oil exploration wells off the coast of Taranaki, and the upcoming decisions about Bathurst’s application to expand their Canterbury Coal Mine.” Says Cowan.

“There is a significant call for a Green Stimulus, including from non activist groups such as Australasian Investor Group on Climate Change, The NZ Superfund and the Sustainable Business Association. Recovery spending so far announced has included some significant spending to benefit the environment, but has delivered little to mitigate climate change.”

Extinction rebellion says agriculture is the biggest source of greenhouse gas emissions in New Zealand but the Government has yet to commit to funding Greenpeace’s regenerative agriculture proposal. Transport is the next biggest polluter. The Government is not moving quickly to extensive public transport using renewable energy.

Labour MPs have been invited to meet with participants to receive plants as gifts, and to discuss the possibilities for a just green Covid-19 recovery.

The group says their actions will adhere carefully to Level 2 regulations.