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OceanaGold Projects Update

OceanaGold Projects Update

Posted May 27, 2020

Kit Wilson from OceanaGold called in for a suitably distanced face to face chat with Brian Gentil about OceanaGold’s mining operations.

Brian asked about the two farms OceanaGold purchased and what is happening with them at the moment.
Kit explained nothing will happen with the farms for some time because a group is challenging the decision to allow OceanaGold, an overseas owned company, to buy two farms for a tailings storage facility. Kit said they are waiting to see how the judicial review goes and if it falls in the company’s favour then the appropriate resource consents including coming back to the community with details before lodging consent would happen.

Brian asked whether the mill was processing anything. At present the drives or tunnels that get miners to the places they need to get are being done. Very little gold, 18 - 20,000 ounces will be processed, compared with an average year’s production of about 100,000 ounces and that won’t happen until later in the year, Kit said.
All staff are back to work. Some are still able to work from home so not everybody is on site all the time, he told Brian.

Brian asked whether there are any vibration monitors in the CBD. He wondered whether noise or vibration was being monitored now so that comparisons could be made at a later date. Kit is unsure and will find out but said he doesn’t think there are because vibration monitors are out in the Correnso area at present and they are not actively mining near the CBD so there’s no need for monitors.

OceanaGold was leasing the former PGG Wrightson building, which has now been sold. OceanaGold has not bought it and Kit did not know who has purchased the building.Brian also asked about community meetings.

The Project Martha community meeting has been postponed due to COVID-19 regulations. When it is safe to proceed with community meetings everyone will be informed and involved, Kit said.

Brian and Kit discussed where OceanaGold is at with COVID-19 and what sort of impact the pandemic has had on operations.

Because the process plant at the mill was put into care and maintenance beforehand everything else continued. Nothing has changed, we are on track with everything we are hoping to achieve, Kit said.

He also said the company is getting a fantastic calibre of people applying for job vacancies and the industry is in good shape.

For more information about OceanaGold’s Waihi operations visit their

Click on our podcast link to hear the full interview with Kit Wilson from OceanaGold.