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News / Reduction of proposed rates increase for TCDC

Reduction of proposed rates increase for TCDC

Reduction of proposed rates increase for TCDC

Posted June 03, 2020
Council Matters

A projected rates increase of 9.98 per cent is looking to reduce to around 4.98 per cent for the next financial year (2020/21) due to Thames Coromandel District Council managing to reduce capital and operational spending largely due to the impact of COVID-19.

The reduction in spending was debated at yesterday’s Council meeting, held both in-person at the Council Chambers in Thames and online via video link. The unedited recording is available at

The budgets, rates figure and the fees and charges for the coming year will be fine-tuned and the final Annual Plan will be formally considered for adoption at a Special Council Meeting on 30 June.

“Thanks to all the Councillors and Community Boards for suggesting projects that could be deferred that aren’t essential,” Mayor Sandra Goudie said.

“We are living through extraordinary times and an extraordinary year due to the impact of COVID-19 and I’m happy with the proposals put forward in making savings where we have been able to. Everyone had to make sacrifices right across the board for this Annual Plan. Everyone had to give a little to get a cohesive whole, but we must realise this is just for the one year and then we will be reviewing all of this in our Long Term Plan.”

A Long Term Plan (LTP) sets the Council’s financial priorities for a 10-year period and is updated every three years. The next one is for the 2021-2031 period and is being prepared now.

“This gives us a far more robust discussion for our next LTP to review service levels, revenue, the level of rates and capital expenditure programmes,” says Mayor Sandra. “This is a sensible approach, but we still have to face addressing the challenges that have already been expressed about escalating costs.”

The Council also opted to keep the Uniform Annual General Charge part of every property owner’s rates bill at $523.64, as had been forecast for the 2020/21 year in the last LTP.

The fees and charges for the year remain largely as originally proposed.