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News / Protect Karangahake calls for support for Coromandel Watchdog

Protect Karangahake calls for support for Coromandel Watchdog

Protect Karangahake calls for support for Coromandel Watchdog

Posted June 24, 2020

Protect Karangahake is calling on its community and supporters to donate towards the legal costs of Coromandel Watchdog.

In early June a delegation from Coromandel Watchdog travelled to Wellington to challenge, in the High Court, the Government over their decision to allow OceanaGold to purchase farmland in the Waihi basin and create what they describe as a tailings impoundment.

Coromandel Watchdog asked the Court to require the Government Ministers to re-assess their decision and consider the risks of a huge toxic waste dam failure, the loss of food producing land and how the proposal could support an expansion of mining based on fossil fuels. The decision from the Judge is still some weeks away.

Coromandel Watchdog is worried the Coromandel peninsula, home to iconic species as grand as the Kauri and as unique as Archie’s Frog is directly at risk from expanding gold mining.

If the new containment dam goes ahead it will join an existing dam already holding 40 million tons of toxic waste, perched on valuable farmland and forever a risk to the rivers that flow around it, Coromandel Watchdog says.

The group says the increased tailings capacity will allow OceanaGold to massively scale up not only its existing mines, but also push hard to develop its prospecting into full scale mines up the Coromandel Peninsula.”At the very time that we are waking up to the true cost of our environmental legacy, we are still consenting yet more degradation, still waiting for governments to show real leadership on protecting our lands and waters.”

Groups like Protect Karangahake are supporting Coromandel Watchdog saying they have taken action on our behalf to challenge the Government’s decision in the High Court and have been shouldered with the cost of saving our future - we can help by donating money to their legal fund.

We’re standing behind our friends and the oldest environmental group on the Coromandel, ensuring that Watchdog will continue to challenge the gold mining industry and protect our slice of paradise.

Please visit their website and donate through their Givealittle page, every bit helps.…/…/coromandelwatchdog-judicialrevi…Coromandel Watchdog bank account – Kiwibank 38 9006 0733863 00