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News / DoC and iwi at scene of whale stranding

DoC and iwi at scene of whale stranding

DoC and iwi at scene of whale stranding

Posted June 26, 2020

DoC is asking the public to stay away from Whakatete Bay as staff respond to a whale stranding at Whakatete Bay, just north of Thames, in Coromandel.

The whale, believed to be Bryde’s whale, stranded and unfortunately died on the beach this morning.

The public is asked to give DoC staff and iwi space and to stay away from the beach as they work together on the next steps for the whale.The area is near a busy, narrow winding stretch of the highway with no stopping bay for traffic making it unsafe for people to stop to see the whale.

Reports suggest the whale is the victim of a ship strike.

New Zealand is one of the few places in the world with a resident population of Bryde’s whale (pronounced “brooders”). The New Zealand population of Bryde’s whales lives primarily in the Hauraki Gulf and is listed as critically endangered by the Department of Conservation (DOC).This is because its small and reliant for its survival on one location. There are less than 200 Bryde’s whales living in the gulf.

Illustration: International Whaling Commission