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Gold FM Football Report

Gold FM Football Report

Posted July 03, 2020
Podcasts , Sports

Brent Willoughby from Waihi Association Football Club caught up with Brian Gentil on the Gold FM Football Report with Carters Contractors on Friday morning, with a preview of the football coming up over the next few days.

At the time Manchester City was beating Liverpool in the English Premier League 1 – 0 nearing half time (Brent was quick to call back half an hour later with the news Man City was 3 – 0 up against Brian’s favourite team).

First up they went over the junior and school football on this weekend, and then focused on the Waihi club’s home game against Melville Nobs, who are currently second on the table. The game is at Waihi College’s pristine grounds again as the club still hasn’t got their line marker up and running yet.
With an improved effort last week the team is going into the game looking for a win this week.

The EPL is full on with little gap between each week’s games. Brent ran through the results over the last few days and he and Brian talked about the games coming up.

The FA Cup has some pedigree in the semifinals coming up soon and Brian and Brent spoke about this too.

To listen to the full football report … click play on our podcast link.

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