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News / OceanaGold Project Quattro Update

OceanaGold Project Quattro Update

OceanaGold Project Quattro Update

Posted July 22, 2020
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OceanaGold Senior Communications Advisor Kit Wilson called into the Gold FM studio this morning.

Brian Gentil started tongue in cheek by asking Kit Wilson if Project Quattro was still on and yes, Kit said, the resource consent application phase is definitely still on.

An empty shop is being set up down town in Waihi for people to visit with any questions and also for more information. Kit said this is due to open on Monday, just below Gold FM at 86 Seddon St.

OceanaGold’s plans for Wharekirauponga came up when Brian asked what is happening there.

Brian got Kit to explain the Rock Stack part of their application, how big and what it was for. He also asked Kit why there was talk of another open pit, Gladstone, on the western side of Waihi behind Union Hill, and why it wasn’t going to be an underground mine.

Kit gave another timeline of when things are likely to happen, with not a lot happening in the next couple of years because the resource consent process will take up a lot of time before the project can begin.

Kit also commented that despite some people thinking there will never be a lake at Martha Pit it is a reality eventually because once the pumps clearing water out of Martha are turned off it will start to fill up.

Brian asked Kit to explain where all the extra power that may be required to work this bigger mine project would come from.

He also queried the Amenity Effect Payments, or AEP, which currently are provided to residential properties affected by blasting, and whether businesses and building owners in Waihi’s CBD would have this offered to them with mining coming so close to the CBD. Kit said there was no intention to provide AEP for commercial properties.

Brian asked Kit what sort of feedback they had had from both the mine workforce and public at this very early stage, and they wrapped up with details about meetings coming up for people to hear more about OceanaGold’s Project Quattro plans.

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