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Gold FM Fire Call Out

Gold FM Fire Call Out

Posted August 17, 2020
Emergency Services , Podcasts

Waihi Chief Fire Officer Moe Stevens joined Brian Gentil on the Gold FM Fire Call Out on Monday morning to bring us up to date with the jobs they attended across the last week.

With the frost this morning Brian asked Moe if there was ever a concern with the water freezing in the fire engine tanks or hoses. Moe said that wasn’t a problem as the engines are plugged in while at the station to make sure everything like that is not an issue.

The Waihi Fire & Rescue Service went to four jobs last week, the first on Tuesday August 11 at 1.30 am when they were called to a house fire in Waikino. It’s believed a towel on a rail in the bathroom was too close to a heater, and it caught fire. Luckily the two people at the house at the time were awake or they might not have made it out Moe said. The house was destroyed in the fire.

At 6.15 pm the same day they were called out again for a medical assist with St John.

Another two calls came in on Saturday, August 14. The first was at 4 pm when they headed just south of Waihi to the other side of Woodlands Rd on State Highway 2 to a car fire. The vehicle had hit the wire rails on one side of the road and ricocheted across to the other side of the road where it caught light. The fire was in the engine bay, and the driver, who didn’t appear to be hurt, was last seen running barefoot towards Katikati Moe said.

The siren sounded again on Saturday at 8 pm when the Waihi Fire & Rescue headed to Emerton Rd by the old airport at Waihi Beach where some scrub had caught light. They took the Waihi tanker to assist Waihi Beach volunteers and returned to the station soon after.

Click on our podcast link to hear the full fire call out …