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News / Look up in the orchard – Power lines can kill

Look up in the orchard – Power lines can kill

Look up in the orchard – Power lines can kill

Posted September 15, 2020

Electricity lines company Powerco has launched a new safety initiative highlighting the ‘4-metre danger zone’ safety message for people working in orchards with power lines overhead.

Brian Gentil spoke with PowerCo Network Operations Manager Karen Frew to find out more about the campaign.

Safety is PowerCo’s number one priority. They want everyone who lives or works near their electricity networks to be safe.

Avocado and kiwifruit orchardists are being urged to ‘look up’ before they pick fruit, prune, build artificial shelter belts or raise canopies, because power lines can kill.

Karen told Brian PowerCo owns the network of power lines and power poles in the Western Bay of Plenty and Coromandel and transport electricity. They don’t sell the electricity they transport it to your house or business.

“It’s really important for us that people stay safe around those power lines, especially when harvesting in orchards,” Karen said.

She explained that electricity can jump as it doesn’t need to be touching something and any piece of equipment needs to be at least four metres away from power lines to keep you safe. In Kiwifruit and avocado orchards people need to be having a good look around before putting anything up in the air to make sure they’re not too near to or touching anything.

Horticultural workers especially in harvesting time of year need to be aware that power lines in the area are a high risk for them.

People are welcome to contact PowerCo if they have any queries.

PowerCo has a short safety video available to view anytime on their website where you can also find all contact details and information about PowerCo.

Click on our podcast link to hear what Karen Frew from PowerCo had to say about the Look Up - Safety in Orchards campaign.

See the Look Up video here

If you have any queries call 0800 769 372 (0800 Powerco)