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Gold FM Fire Call Out

Gold FM Fire Call Out

Posted September 28, 2020
Emergency Services , Podcasts

Brian Gentil spoke with Moe Stevens, Chief Fire Officer with Waihi Fire and Rescue, to go over the five calls they attended over the last week.

The first was at 8 pm last Monday 21 September, when they headed to Seaforth Rd at Waihi Beach to assist the local brigade with a meter box fire. There was no major damage. Brian asked how common this sort of thing was. Moe said it happens from time to time with the coating over the top of wiring slowly breaking down over time sometimes leaving wires exposed, which can spark and cause a fire.

On Wednesday at 5.30 pm Waihi Fire & Rescue had a call to Governors Grove / Savage Rd intersection where a person had locked themselves out of their house. Or they thought they had. When the fire service got there one of the boys walked around the back and tried the back door, which was unlocked. He walked through and unlocked the front door and all was well.

On Thursday September 24, the siren went off at midday when Waihi firefighters were called to help the Paeroa Fire and Rescue team with a fire in scrub close by to Jackson’s Rd and State Highway 2 near the cemetery. They received a call while on their way that the fire was under control so returned to their base in Waihi.

There were two call outs on Friday, September 25. The first was at 4 pm to Onemana, where there had been a forestry fire they helped put out a couple of weeks ago. The tree stumps were still smouldering and looked like they may flare up again so they took their tanker along to help dampen things down.

Then at 8 pm on Friday night they were called to a serious one vehicle crash just south of Waihi on State Highway 2 near Waimata School, where a lot of road works have just been completed. A van had just clipped the end of the new wiring system that’s been put in place. The van crashed and skidded a fair way along the barrier and ended up rolling on to its side. SH2 was closed while Waihi Fire & Rescue removed the roof of the van to get the male driver out of the vehicle. Moe said firefighters then cleared an area for the rescue helicopter to land. The patient was airlifted to hospital in a serious condition.

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