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News / Proposed District Plan changes for Hauraki

Proposed District Plan changes for  Hauraki

Proposed District Plan changes for Hauraki

Posted September 30, 2020
Council Matters , Environmental

Hauraki District Council has notified a number of Proposed District Plan changes which consists of 130 separate items.

Hauraki District Council described Proposed Plan Change 4 as Miscellaneous Plan Changes which propose a number of administrative changes to the Operative Hauraki District Plan to amend definitions; correct cross references; update maps, schedules (eg Significant Natural Areas, Heritage Features, Significant Trees) and references to external documents, and; to make relatively minor amendments to improve overall consistency and administration of the District Plan.

It does also include more removal of significant trees and changes to provisions relating to hazardous substances and contaminated land.

Submissions opened on 17 September for the public to have a say on the proposed changes. You have until 4 pm on 16 October 2020 to get your submission in.

The purpose of district plans is to assist territorial authorities in carrying out their functions in order to achieve the sustainable management purpose of the Resource Management Act. These include:
• The effects of land use
• The control of land use for the purposes of:
• Avoiding or mitigating natural hazards
• The management of contaminated land
• The maintenance of indigenous biological diversity
• Noise
• Activities on the surfaces of rivers and lakes

Any items that are not submitted on will be go before Hauraki District Council for consideration at its meeting at the end of October, with the amendments then being incorporated into the District Plan.

A summary of submissions received will be publicly notified, calling for further submissions, in support or opposition.Reports will then be prepared and a hearing held where submitters will have an opportunity to speak to their submission.

The Proposed Plan Change documents (including submissions forms) are available on Council’s website here…/district-pl…/plan-change-4/