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News / Jive talking with Liam Ryan

Jive talking with Liam Ryan

Jive talking with Liam Ryan

Posted October 20, 2020
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Musician Liam Ryan is at home in Waihi these days. He’s never been far away from the next gig or the next song and was still touring with his iconic Kiwi band The Narcs and keeping busy with gigs when COVID came along.

Post COVID things have changed a bit but Liam said he found it a very productive time.

Writing songs comes naturally to Liam. Having a little more time than usual during lock down got his creative juices flowing and he got busy penning several new songs, the first of which, Get Jive!, has just been released. Brian Gentil asked Liam about the process he goes through to bring the next idea, lyric or tune to fruition. Click on our podcast link to hear how Liam works.

He described his new song as funky, sassy, brassy and ridiculously positive - very radio friendly - and it’s all of that. “I just got so tired of COVID angst I tried to write with the most positive vibe I could muster,” he said. He told Brian how a book written about blues and funk called ‘Really the Blues’ and the language musicians used at the time inspired Get Jive!

Getting Get Jive! to a release date was a collaboration of a who’s who in the music industry, including Roger Fox, Pete Stroud of John Mayall and Fleetwood Mac pedigree, who was stuck in Waihi at a very opportune time, and Waihi’s Sarah Spicer who Liam reckons has one of the greatest soul voices in the country “shouted down the chorus” with him.

Today’s technology allowed the track to come together quite quickly.

When Liam let us know he had a sassy new track that was radio friendly we were all ears and agree that this infectious funk is very radio friendly so have added it to the Gold FM playlist.

Listen in to the full interview with Liam Ryan to hear Get Jive!