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News / Thames Coromandel Update with Councillor Tony Fox

Thames Coromandel Update with Councillor Tony Fox

Thames Coromandel Update with Councillor Tony Fox

Posted October 20, 2020
Council Matters , Podcasts

Mercury Bay Councillor Tony Fox phoned in for a catch up about the Thames Coromandel district. Tony was glad to be reporting in on an overcast day after too much sun last weekend.

The Thames-Coromandel District is heading into some busy times this Labour Weekend with lots of visitors expected. Tony said a lot more visitors have been arriving since we changed to Level 1. Visitor numbers are expected to be up at least 30 per cent from Labour weekend, through the peak summer season and into the new year, which is great for the retail sector Tony said.

Brian Gentil asked Tony about a successful application to government’s Responsible Camping Fund - a grant of approx $656,000 which will go towards increased servicing at 60 different toilet facilities across the region starting from Labour Weekend, an ambassador programme – starting late November/early December and information for campers with new signage - starting late November/early December.

Brian also asked Tony to talk about a campaign that started last week dealing with the water issues Council is preparing for. There’s a lot of work going on behind the scenes Tony said. On average 13 million litres of water per day is used – but in summer this can rise to 25 million litres per day.

The campaign includes promotion of water tank installation – which is perfect for cleaning the car and boat or keeping the flowers, vegetables and lawns alive.

A building consent isn’t required if the tank meets the requirements for capacity and height-above-ground. The Council is encouraging people to start preparing for future water needs. For example, the NZ Building Act allows tanks not exceeding 35,000 litres not plumbed into a house as drinking water which is supported directly by ground to be installed 1.5 metres from the boundary without building consent.

Thames Coromandel District Council can help with information to make it easier and save costs – contact their Duty Planner on 07 868 0200. Council’s water demand strategy is out for public feedback and closes at the end of this month. You’re encouraged to visit online.