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News / Tricky Saturday, but Sunday’s a treat

Tricky Saturday, but Sunday’s a treat

Tricky Saturday, but Sunday’s a treat

Posted October 29, 2020

MetService is forecasting warm, wet and muggy weather for the next few days, then a break in the cloud and rain by the end of the weekend.

As streams of warm, moist air from the Tasman Sea continue to flow over the country, it’s a messy start to the weekend for most. Many places are likely to get some wet weather by the end of Saturday.

MetService meteorologist Mmathapelo Makgabutlane elaborates: “Western South Island gets the heaviest rain, where a Severe Weather Warning has been issued starting tomorrow [Friday] morning. Up to 300mm of rain is forecast for parts of Westland, which means hazardous driving conditions and rapidly rising rivers are possible.”

Although rain makes it to the eastern parts of the country at times between Friday and Saturday, things look to only remain favourable for the early evening in the eastern North Island and parts of eastern South Island.

In addition to cloudy and rainy spells, Saturday into Sunday brings those familiar breezy northwesterly winds for central New Zealand, as a cold front approaches the country from the southwest.

Things continue in this vain into the first half of Sunday, however by afternoon, the wet weather is confined to western and the lower South Island.

“With strong winds subsiding and breaks in the cloud, the end of the weekend is looking a treat,” Makgabutlane said.