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Gold FM Police File

Gold FM Police File

Posted November 24, 2020

Senior Community Constable Harley North reported in to update us on recent Police work. Click on our podcast link to hear the full Police File and read a summary below.

Tuesday 17 November

At about 10:30pm a burglar was disturbed at a Marlin Road, Whiritoa address. The owners dog alerted them to an offender on the property and scared the burglar off. The burglar dropped their jemmy bar which police seized for forensic testing. A police dog handler en-route to the scene attempted to stop a vehicle leaving the area. The vehicle failed to stop and was pursued to Gladstone Road, Waihi where it evaded police. Enquiries to identify the offender are ongoing.

A Thames man was arrested for breaching his bail conditions after he was found intoxicated by police at a Mount Sea Road address. A Court order required him to abstain from alcohol. He is currently facing an aggravated robbery charge. He was held in custody overnight for Court in Hamilton.

A Thames woman was arrested for assault and breach of protection order at the corner of Walter and Brown Street. She allegedly pushed a male victim off his bicycle then punched and spat on him. Both parties are known to each other. She was held in custody overnight for Court in Hamilton.

Wednesday 18 November

A Waihi Beach woman was arrested at Emerton Road on a warrant to arrest for failing to appear at Court in relation to threatening behaviour and wilful damage charges. She appeared in Court the same day.

A Hamilton man was arrested at Marshall Street, Paeroa on a warrant to arrest for failing to appear at Court. He is currently facing charges for aggravated careless driving causing injury and driving whilst forbidden. He was held in custody overnight for Court in Hamilton the following day.

Thursday 19 November

Police were called to a disorder incident at Smith Street, Waihi. A Waihi man allegedly assaulted another male at an address and fled from the scene. Police attended and while making enquiries at the suspects home address he returned to the scene and smashed the victim’s car window. The victim declined prosecution and the offender was located a short time later and received a formal warning. The victim and offender are known to each other.

Friday 20 November

A male victim received injuries to his head at the Smokey Pallet, Whangamata. Ambulance attended the scene. The victim was allegedly assaulted by a Whanganui man who was located and arrested. He was later released from custody and received a formal warning. The victim did not require hospitalisation.

Saturday 21 November

A Paeroa man was arrested at a Corbett Street address for breaching his bail conditions after he was found intoxicated. The Court ordered him to abstain from alcohol while on active charges for assault, unlawful taking and breaching intensive supervision charges. He was held in custody overnight in Hamilton for Court on Monday.

Crime Prevention Advice

Another alarming night time burglary last week where the victim was home at the time. Luckily in this case the victim’s dog did a great job at scaring the offender off before any harm or damage was done. Dogs are a great deterrent for burglars. The best dogs are the ones that are territorial and bark a lot raising the alarm when a stranger comes on to the property. Another great inexpensive deterrent are sensor lights. No burglar wants to be lit up in the middle of the night while they’re sneaking around a property. Police have interviewed burglars while in custody and these are two major deterrents that put them off breaking into a home. More crime prevention advice can be found on the NZ Police website at

Police contacts

Report crime online at - If it’s already happened call 105. If it’s happening now call 111. For traffic matters call *555 (mobile phone only). To remain anonymous call Crimestoppers 0800 555 111. Paeroa, Waihi and Whangamata police station public counters are open business hours and police are working in the area 24/7.