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News / Ray Amoore & Friends Share Their Bubble of Love

Ray Amoore & Friends Share Their Bubble of Love

Ray Amoore & Friends Share Their Bubble of Love

Posted February 19, 2021

Brian Gentil welcomed Ray Amoore and friends, Dick, George and Trudy into the Gold FM studio to find out about the community programme the friends belong to at Waihi Beach.

Trudy Van Stee runs social groups for elders called ‘A Friend’s Place’. “Throughout the week we have four groups of activities with three of them being about music,” Trudy told Brian. Around 40 musicians come and go throughout the week to join in the get-togethers.

Because it was on people’s minds during lockdown Ray wrote ‘Bubble of Love’, a song thinking about the Covid workers who were battling away everyday to keep everyone going, and how at the end of their day - after they’ve been exposed to all the dangers, they come home to their families for some peace and relaxation.

Gold FM was contacted by a friend who heard the friends performing the song to suggest that it would make a great local interest story and we agreed.

George Pycraft has been playing the guitar for about 60 odd years and has been playing in behind Ray for quite some time. He always enjoys catching up with Ray and the ‘good bunch’ he joined in the studio. Ray and Trudy Van Stee run music get togethers at Waihi Beach Community Hall.

Dick Molema started playing the guitar as a young fella of 12 - 13 and later on was inspired by Neil Young and the harmonica, which was when he took it up about 20 years ago.

Brian asked Ray how long the friends have been rehearsing the song. Ray said they’ve played it a number of times after initially experimenting with it to add harmonies.

Ray Amoore is on guitar and vocals, Trudy Van Stee plays guitar and joins in with backing vocals, George Pycraft, guitar, and Dick Molema, who also plays guitar, focused on the harmonica as they played together for ‘Bubble of Love’.

Click on our podcast link to hear the interview and hear the song Bubble of Love with a group of friends from ‘A Friend’s Place’ at Waihi Beach.