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News / Call To Save Kaimanawa Horses from Muster

Call To Save Kaimanawa Horses from Muster

Call To Save Kaimanawa Horses from Muster

Posted March 09, 2021
Environmental , Community

Media Release: Kaimanawa Heritage Horses Society

The Kaimanawa Heritage Horses Society is encouraging anyone interested in applying for a Kaimanawa horse from this year’s muster to prepare early and know the requirements for ownership.

The Department of Conservation has completed its annual aerial survey and the official kaimanawa herd count is 506. In keeping with the KWHAG Management plan, that puts the target removal number at 206.

With just four weeks to go before applications close, the pressure is on to find a lot of new homes and to begin the task of doing home checks.

The Kaimanawa Heritage Horses Society says people who have always wanted to own a kaimanawa horse from the muster but have not been able to due to various reasons should start working toward a successful application early. If you need to prepare yards, create paddocks or build a loading ramp, by starting now you can save a whole lot of heartache closer to the muster because things just weren’t ready in time.

If you’re planning on applying for a horse this year, now is the time to get your application in.

If you would like more information please visit

If you would like to talk to someone about helping you achieve your dream of taming a wild horse, email your contact details to

If you would like to have your property assessed for suitability or would appreciate a visit from your local rep to discuss what you would need to do to apply,

If you would like to download an application form or receive a copy of the registered handlers list, please visit fill in the form.

Applications close 1st April 2021 with the muster scheduled for late April or Early May (dates to be confirmed by KWHAG asap)

34 horses saved so far - 172 horses to go.