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News / Thames Coromandel Update with Mayor Sandra Goudie

Thames Coromandel Update with Mayor Sandra Goudie

Thames Coromandel Update with Mayor Sandra Goudie

Posted April 06, 2021
Council Matters , Podcasts

Brian Gentil spoke with Thames Coromandel Mayor Sandra for a catch up after she ‘went bush’ for the Easter Weekend. Brian asked how the long weekend went for the Coromandel.

There were traffic delays at all the usual spots with stop/go in place at Pepe Bridge Tairua, Mayor Sandra said. With a high Easter road toll the Mayor said she agrees with Greg Murphy that it’s not necessarily speed, it’s inattention that causes crashes.

Feedback is the tourism and hospitality sector were very busy.

Brian asked about the Shoreline Management Plan Committee which has just met recently.

Mayor Sandra explained the governance group is made up of TCDC councillors and iwi representatives from Pare Hauraki (Hauraki collective) and explained the steps.

Coastal panels made up of up to 10 representatives from communities within the four areas the Shoreline Management Plans have been divided up into - 1: Thames and Thames Coast, 2: Coromandel Town Coast to Kennedy Bay 3: Whangapoua Harbour and Mercury Bay, 4: South-East Coast (Tairua, Pauanui and Whangamatā)

Over the past few months Council has hosted open days around the district which were well attended by the public.

At these meetings, and through council channels we’re sharing the latest information on hazard mapping, progress and scope change, that the Coastal Panels have been discussing, Mayor Sandra said. The next steps is refining what areas within the sites need to be the first areas of focus …and what ones need focus longer terms.

Draft maps about hazard lines and coastal inundation can be viewed at

The Tairua-Paunui, Whangamata and Thames Community Board meetings all made their submissions to TCDC’s Long Term Plan which is out for public consultation until April 12.

Mercury Bay and Coromandel-Colville CB meetings are this week … where they will also be pulling together their submissions.

All the Board meetings can be watched online - or read the highlights packages through the Council website and social media links.

Consultation is still happening for the Long Term Plan .. until next Monday April 12. Remember to have your say.

Staff are in Thames at the Create the Vibe container on Mary St from 10am - 3pm today - Thursday – and every Thursday until 22 April for you to pop in and chat and give your feedback on the new Create the Vibe public space. There is also an online survey which is the best way to give feedback for this new town hub.

We’re also hosting tsunami forums from Monday 12 April to explain about the disconnection of tsunami sirens and what measures are in place to keep people safe. Mayor Sandra said.

To hear the full Thames Coromandel Update with Mayor Sandra Goudie - click on our podcast link.