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News / Tegg Talk on Gold FM about Waikato Regional Council's Long Term Plan

Tegg Talk on Gold FM about Waikato Regional Council's Long Term Plan

Tegg Talk on Gold FM about Waikato Regional Council's Long Term Plan

Posted April 12, 2021
Council Matters , Podcasts

Brian Gentil spoke to Waikato Regional Councillor Denis Tegg about the Waikato Regional Council Long Term Plan.

Consultation is open now until the end of April.

Denis is quite excited about the proposal for a sustainable home loan program included in the LTP. The program would mean a ratepayer could opt into the loan scheme and carry out home improvements such as clean heating, double glazing, ventilation, upgrading a septic tank or installing a water tank or solar power system. The ratepayer would pay the loan back through a targeted rate. The program is designed to be cost neutral for general ratepayers. “It’s been used successfully in a couple of other council’s and we’d really like feedback on that,” Denis told Brian.

The region for the Waikato Regional Council covers a huge area from Port Charles at the top of the Coromandel Peninsula to Lake Taupo and out to the west coast. There are a whole raft of issues which most people don’t know about Denis said.

When he stood for the council he was surprised by how little people knew about what the council does and Denis sees his role as helping to get the message out there.

Denis explained that not all big projects within the district are paid for by all regional rate payers as some like the Te Huia Rail Link Project for example is paid for by Hamilton rate payers because they’re the ones that benefit.

It’s a busy time, ‘submission silly season’, with district council Long Term Plans and government consulting as well, but it’s important for people to have a say, Denis commented.

Waikato Regional Council has responsibility for a wide range of areas, including biodiversity and coastal areas like Harbour Master work for instance. It’s surprising how much territory the regional council does cover, Denis said. He suggested people just put their thoughts down in their own words to have a say.

Visit…/yourvoicematterstous/ online to find out more and to make an online submission.

This Long Term Plan goes out until 2031 or so and is reviewed every three years after each election.

Denis and Brian discussed the sustainable home loan program a little further pointing out the benefits. For instance, the program would create new business for local installers who would be pre-approved and would make the contractual arrangements direct with the ratepayer.

Click play on our podcast link to hear the full interview with Waikato Regional Councillor Denis Tegg and remember to get involved and have your say about what you’d like to see for your region.