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News / A Supermoon is on the rise next Wednesday

A Supermoon is on the rise next Wednesday

A Supermoon is on the rise next Wednesday

Posted May 21, 2021

May 26 is going to bring a once in a blue moon spectacle to our night sky - except it won’t be blue - it’ll be pink.

Over several hours, next Wednesday, the Moon will pass through Earth’s shadow, causing it to darken and usually become reddish in color, NASA says.

The red color comes from sunlight filtering through Earth’s atmosphere – a ring of light created by all the sunrises and sunsets happening around our planet at that time.

Because of the reddish color, a lunar eclipse is often called a “blood moon.” Just how red it will look is hard to predict, but dust in the atmosphere can have an effect. (And keep in mind there have been a couple of prominent volcanic eruptions recently.)

Lunar eclipses take place when the Moon is full, and this coming full Moon happens when the Moon is also near its closest point to Earth in its orbit, called a “Supermoon.”

Unlike solar eclipses, which you should never look at, it’s safe to view lunar eclipses with your eyes. And unlike solar eclipses, which tend to have a narrower viewing path, lunar eclipses are at least partly visible anywhere on the planet’s night side, NASA says.