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Gold FM Police File

Gold FM Police File

Posted June 09, 2021
Emergency Services , Podcasts

Community Constable Harley North called into the Gold FM studio to file his police report on work done in the district recently.

Read this week’s Police summary below and click on our podcast link to hear Harley North talking with Brian Gentil.

There was only one arrest for breach of bail in Paeroa area last week. A gun was discharged, drugs and stolen property were seized and several properties were burgled.

Monday 31 May
Police executed a search warrant at a Waiau Road, Athenree address in relation to burglaries in the area. A stolen late model Audi SUV was seized. The suspect was not present.

Thursday 3 June
A pedestrian walking in fog at Morrinsville-Tahuna Road was struck by a vehicle. The road has a 100kph posted speed limit. The pedestrian was hospitalised.

The suspect from Monday’s Athenree search warrant was arrested and charged with receiving stolen property. Further charges may follow in relation to other burglaries.

Friday 4 June

A vehicle stolen on Thursday from Starfish social services at Matamata was recovered at Waharoa.

Overnight burglars forced entry to the Ngatea Foodmart by smashing through a wall. CCTV shows them attempting to force entry to a cigarette cabinet but they were unsuccessful.

A white Honda station wagon tailgated another motorist at Waharoa with their headlights on full beam. The vehicle pulled up alongside the victim and a male brandishing a hammer demanded the victim pull over. The victim managed to escape. Police are investigating.

Saturday 5 June
Eleven property owners returning to their holiday homes at Waihi and the beach over Queens Birthday weekend discovered they had been burgled. Harley ran through a list of the targeted property locations. Police are investigating.

Four Whangamata youths were found in a condemned property at The Drive in possession of Cannabis. They were uplifted by their parents and have been referred to youth aid.

A Paeroa man who was wanted by police for firearms and violence offences earlier in the day was observed driving at Thames. He fled from police and was pursued. Police stopped him and he was taken into custody. A firearm and Methamphetamine were seized. He allegedly discharged a firearm at a Willoughby Street, Thames address, stole a vehicle and assaulted a victim. He was held in custody for Court.

Four masked offenders entered Value Foodmart at Waharoa and stole cigarettes. One of the offenders threw a piece of wood at a victim’s head. Another armed with a golf club swung it at the manager a couple of times and smashed glass cabinets. The offenders fled from the scene after the victim activated a distress alarm. Police are investigating.

A gang member and his vehicle were searched at Matamata. Half a kilogram of Cannabis and a point bag of Methamphetamine were seized. He was arrested and will be off to Court soon.

Two intoxicated drivers were processed at Matamata. The results were 720 and 600. Both offenders will be appearing in Court.

Sunday 6 June
Morrinsville Caltex and BP gas stations were broken into over the weekend. The offender smashed windows with rocks to gain entry. A local male youth was apprehended a short time later with the stolen property including vapes and chocolate.

A wheel spinning vehicle was disturbed by police at Waihi then fled. It was found parked nearby at Johnston Street minus the driver who was seen running through properties. The suspect dropped his wallet and cell phone outside the vehicle. He has been identified and is assisting police with the investigation. The vehicle was impounded.

Crime Prevention Advice
Target hardening your property is one way you can reduce your chances of becoming a victim of burglary. You can deter offenders by investing in window stays, improved lighting and sensor lights, burglar alarms, gate sensors, CCTV and quality locks on doors, sheds and trailers. Trim hedges and trees to improve visibility and remove concealment for offenders. It allows you to see whose lurking around and neighbours to keep an eye on your property. Make your property appear occupied when you’re absent and lock everything up securely. Complacency creates opportunity.

Police contacts
Report crime online at - If it’s already happened call 105. If it’s happening now call 111. For traffic matters call *555 (mobile phone only). To remain anonymous call Crimestoppers 0800 555 111. Paeroa, Waihi and Whangamata police station public counters are open business hours and police are working in the area 24/7.

Click on our podcast to listen to the full Police File with Brian Gentil and Community Constable Harley North.