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News / Noddy Gets the Queen's Nod...Congratulations!

Noddy Gets the Queen's Nod...Congratulations!

Noddy Gets the Queen's Nod...Congratulations!

Posted June 10, 2021
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If you read the list of Queen’s Birthday Honours you might not have put two and two together and tweaked that the name Graeme Douglas Watts was replacing the pseudonym ‘Noddy’ which is the name most people associate with Mr Beach Hop, Noddy Watts.

Brian Gentil couldn’t wait to get on the phone to call Noddy and congratulate him on receiving a well deserved Member of New Zealand Order of Merit for services to the community and charity fundraising.

Brian asked Noddy to tell us about the background and how the process works. Noddy explained how he received an email he initially thought was spam from the Honours Office and then once the paperwork was done and sent off to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth to be approved he received a letter from the Governor General congratulating him. The awesome news was embargoed until 5 am Monday morning.

Noddy told Brian he was really proud to accept the honour as a lot of charity work has gone on raising money in the background and building the kindergarten for Whangamata about 15 years ago was one of his biggest achievements.

Noddy also had a bit of a laugh about how even though he naturally put Noddy down as his preferred name for the MNZM, it didn’t happen.

Brian also congratulated Noddy and his partner Andrea on their recent engagement. Noddy was spotted going down on one knee to Andrea at Anzac Bay about a month ago and the phone at Gold FM went off as listeners rang to tell Brian the good news.


Brian also asked Noddy how Repco Beach Hop is shaping up for 2022. It’s going to be a big year.

Click on our podcast link to hear the full interview with Noddy.