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News / Bouts of rain, warm temperatures and cloudy days

Bouts of rain, warm temperatures and cloudy days

Bouts of rain, warm temperatures and cloudy days

Posted June 14, 2021

Media Release: MetService

Wet, cloudy and warmer than average temperatures are the three main ‘weather flavours’ expected over Aotearoa this week, according to MetService, with most regions getting a scoop of one, two or three of these weather conditions.

The complex low pressure system which brought much colder than normal temperatures to southeast Australia last week is currently sitting in the Tasman Sea directing warm, humid, rain- making air over the North Island today (Monday).

Several Heavy Rain Watches and Warnings are in force over parts of the upper North Island as a front which brought 150mm of rain to the ranges of Westland yesterday moves eastward over the North Island today and early Tuesday.

Behind this front the humidity and extensiveness of the rain slowly decreases, with temperatures returning to their June averages by Thursday.

Though humidity is set to gradually decrease, the Tasman low which ambles over the lower South Island from late Tuesday will allow low cloud or fog to linger over the east coast of the South Island. These conditions will persist for most of the week, meaning few sunshine hours but warmer nights than if skies were clear.

MetService meteorologist April Clark says: “The low pressure system brings some cooler air into the Southern Lakes region and will allow snow to fall to the 800m mark for a time on Thursday. This is considered normal for June compared to the conditions that this same system brought across the ditch.”