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News / Waihi Football Club Gutted By Vandalism

Waihi Football Club Gutted By Vandalism

Waihi Football Club Gutted By Vandalism

Posted July 15, 2021
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Brian Gentil spoke to Richard James, President of the Waihi Association Football Club, about the latest episode of gut wrenching vandalism that has plagued the local club over recent years.

Richard is upset and frustrated that once again someone has used the football playing field as a ‘playground’ for their vehicle. They have ripped massive gouges in the field at Morgan Park.

Hauraki District Council has done a lot of work on the football field to fix the last lot of mindless vandalism that was done and control a plague of black beetles in the turf.

Richard said this has put the club four steps backwards. The club had only recently got back on the field after the last vandalism ripped up the playing field.

The vandals had to put a good deal of effort into removing bollards to get their vehicle onto the field so they had intention, Richard told Brian.

The damage was done sometime after 8 pm on Tuesday evening.

A band aid repair is being done today. It’s not yet known how long it will be before the field is able to be used for games and training full time.

The field at Morgan Park has been ‘home’ to Waihi Association Football Club for about 35 years so for this damage to happen again is a huge blow.

Anyone who knows or hears anything about who is responsible for the damage is asked to contact police. The anonymous number is 0800 555 111, or call 105 if you’ve heard or know anything that can help to identify the vandals.