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Gold FM Police File

Gold FM Police File

Posted July 27, 2021
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Community Constable Harley North called into the Gold studio to update the Police File with Brian Gentil.

Last week in the Coromandel area there were two arrests for breach of bail and three for warrants to arrest. A stolen vehicle was recovered from driver in an awkward situation, Thames fire and emergency got a surprise when they responded to an alarm and there were a number of serious incidents and injuries.

Tuesday 20 July
An offender entered Thames Bakehouse and attempted to steal several items. When confronted he became aggressive and threw food around the premises. He smashed the fire alarm glass panel and activated it prior to leaving. The business owner was able to obtain his vehicle registration and police have identified a suspect who will be getting a visit from police soon.

Police attended a single vehicle serious injury traffic crash at SH2 Waihi. The vehicle lost control and went backwards into a drain. A Waihi woman was injured with suspected fractures to her back and neck. Police are investigating and are waiting on blood test results.

Wednesday 21 July
Police executed a search warrant at a Thames address in relation to historic burglaries in the area. Some stolen property was located and two Thames men were arrested and charged.

A Bowentown man got his driver licence suspended for 28 days after he was caught speeding at 148kph along Seaforth Road. He also received a hefty fine. He stated that he was teaching his daughter how to pass cars.

Not unexpectedly a fire alarm sounding at an address on Pollen Street, Thames resulted in a fire service call out but the occupier tried to prevent fire accessing the property. The fire crew entered and discovered a Cannabis grow room which explained the occupiers reluctance to cooperate. Police followed shortly after. 86 x Cannabis plants and cultivating equipment were removed from the scene. Charges are likely to follow for a Thames man.

Thursday 22 July
Pattison Jewellers Morrinsville was burgled overnight. An offender forced entry to a door and stole a display case of pendants before fog cannons and the alarm system activated scaring them off. Evidence was left at the scene by the offender and police are investigating.

Report of a burglary overnight at a Moresby Ave, Waihi address. A vehicle was broken into and tools were stolen. There was a second burglary around the same time nearby at Hobson Street where a wallet and cash were stolen. They are believed to be linked and police are investigating.

Friday 23 July
A suspected burglar was disturbed at Wrigley Street, Waihi. The occupier came to face to face with the burglar outside her kitchen window. He fled from the scene. Police are investigating.

A Waihi woman was arrested in relation to a historic burglary of an orchard at Sharp Road, Aongatete on the 8th of July. She allegedly stole a ladder and was caught by the victim’s neighbour. She will be appearing in Court soon.

A serious injury traffic crash at SH2 Karangahake Gorge. Two vehicle’s collided head on. Three person’s seriously injured and transported to Waikato Hospital by helicopter. Police Serious Crash Unit are investigating and are waiting on blood test results.

Saturday 24 June
A woman woke to an offender in her home at Morrinsville. She fought the offender off and they fled from the scene. It is believed the offender had been hiding in the house and waited until she fell asleep. Police have obtained evidence of the offenders identity and are waiting on forensic test results.

An Auckland man who had several warrants to arrest and breaches of Court bail was located by police at Matamata. His vehicle was also seized under search warrant in relation to threats of violence and drugs. He appeared in Court on Monday.

A Thames man was processed for drunk driving returning a result of 600, and a Morrinsville woman was processed at Waihi Beach after nearly driving head on into a police car. The result of her test was 542. Both drivers have been charged and will appear in Court soon.

Two brothers got into a fight at Dearle Street, Paeroa resulting in one of them sustaining serious injuries including a suspected broken jaw and eye socket. He was transported to hospital. The other brother was arrested and charged with serious assault.

A Waihi woman with no underpants was detained after police stopped her driving a stolen car at Mataura Road. She was also wanted to arrest in relation to several historic offences including burglary. Police seized the stolen car and returned it to its rightful owner. Charges are likely to follow.

Sunday 25 June
Report of a group of offenders forcing entry to a residential property at Albert Street, Waihi. One person was allegedly armed with a firearm. The occupier managed to flee from the property. Nobody was harmed. Police are investigating.

Overnight there was an attempted ram raid of Stirling Sports Thames. The offenders were unsuccessful at gaining entry but caused extensive damage to the premises. Police are investigating.

A wanted offender fled from police at SH29 toward Matamata. Police conducted an armed vehicle stop and a female passenger got out. The male passenger got into the driver’s seat and fled again. The vehicle was spiked and came to a stop and the driver fled through properties. He escaped but police have identified him and are conducting enquiries to locate him for arrest.

A robbery at Coromandel Gas service station Wharf Road. Four offenders, one armed with a hammer stole cash and cigarettes. Police located their vehicle at Kennedy Bay stopping it with spikes after it failed to pull over. The offenders fled from the vehicle and one was arrested. Police believe they have identified the other offenders and are making enquiries to locate them for arrest.

Crime Prevention Message
There has been a noticeable increase in burglaries, ram raids and robberies across the district over the last few months. Most of them are happening at night. If you happen to be a shift worker or are out and about at night keep your eyes peeled for anything suspicious and call police 111 immediately if you see anything dodgy or unusual. Police can’t be everywhere all the time. We need your help to protect the community and catch the criminals causing harm.

Police contacts
Report crime online at<> - If it’s already happened call 105. If it’s happening now call 111. For traffic matters call *555 (mobile phone only). To remain anonymous call Crimestoppers 0800 555 111. Paeroa, Waihi and Whangamata police station public counters are open business hours and police are working in the area 24/7.

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