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News / Thames Coromandel Update with Councillor Tony Fox

Thames Coromandel Update with Councillor Tony Fox

Thames Coromandel Update with Councillor Tony Fox

Posted July 28, 2021
Council Matters , Podcasts

Brian Gentil spoke to Tony Fox, Mercury Bay Ward Councillor for Thames-Coromandel District and asked whether Tony was enjoying the Olympics before asking about the announcement regarding tsunami signage for the district.

Tony explained that a lot of people think a warning siren is a magic bullet that will solve all the problems about being informed if a tsunami is coming – but it’s not so.

Sirens are the least effective tool for alerting because location, wind direction, reliability, and double glazing all mean they reach less than 43 per cent of the people in the district.

They can also be knocked out by an earthquake that could cause a tsunami.

The best alert is a mix of tools and education – and that’s where these signs come in, Tony said.

For alerting, there is also the government’s Emergency Mobile Alert, digital apps, the Council’s digital platforms, and people should tune into local radio stations like Gold FM too.

Starting in August tsunami signage will be placed at beach entrances, on public toilet blocks and in town centres.

We’ll start in Whangamatā and work our way north around the coastline over the coming year finishing in Thames, Tony told Brian.

The signs have maps showing areas of likely inundation in a tsunami, where the high ground is, the natural warning signs, how to stay informed during an emergency, and the “long or strong, get gone” message.

Brian mentioned the community response groups and asked Tony to explain more…

Most communities have formed one of these by now, there are 28, with a few more in the works.

Each of these groups has formed a community response plan, about what to do in different emergencies.

Give the Council Civil Defence team a call if your community doesn’t have a response plan but would like one.

Remember, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Click on our podcast link to hear the full Thames Coromandel Update with Mercury Bay Ward Councillor Tony Fox.