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News / Thames Coromandel Update with Councillor and Emergency Management Chair Sally Christie

Thames Coromandel Update with Councillor and Emergency Management Chair Sally Christie

Thames Coromandel Update with Councillor and Emergency Management Chair Sally Christie

Posted August 24, 2021
Council Matters , Podcast

Brian Gentil caught up with Councillor Sally Christie this morning. Sally is the Chair of the Emergency Management Committee at Thames Coromandel District Council.

Sally gave a ‘heads up’ and a huge thank you first up to all the hard working essential workers in compromised situations who support the rest if us.

Brian asked Sally to explain what her role entails as Chair of the Emergency Management Committee.

She told him that at this particular COVID time she needs to be ‘over’ all of the information and supports the staff. In normal times we’re preparing for and trying to prevent issues our peninsular is susceptible too - forest fire, sea inundation, weather events. It’s our role as the committee to ensure that our council is prepared. In last two years the pandemic has been a real issue, Sally said.

Brian brought up the shock of hearing the Coromandel had been visited by someone who had the COVID Delta variant. Sally said the rest of this week is crucial. “When we have all of the day 5 tests back is when I’ll think we’re the lucky ones. Staying at home is very important right now.

The quicker we can get it under control, the better, Sally said. I don’t want to be like Sydney and Melbourne where it seems to be endless. Let’s give it a good try. I understand peoples’ frustration but let’s hang in.”

Brian mentioned the COVID testing and how numbers being tested at Coromandel dropped away at the weekend. Sally recommended anyone at a location of interest or with symptoms makes sure to get tested.

Talk to Healthline, your GP who is testing or go to your local pop up Sally suggested.

Brian and Sally also talked about business and how a lockdown affects Coromandel businesses. Ask for help early Sally advised. The number for business support is 0800 500 362. Talk to your friends and family for emotional support.

Dogs must be exercised on a lead at Alert Level 4. Brian and Sally talked about the issues that can arise from frisky dogs and the importance of keeping all dogs under control. Walk local and use common sense.

Surfing, mountain biking and sports that could cause injuries are to be avoided right now too.

Sally also brought up family violence and the risk rising in times of extra stress. Services are available to help. If you are in a violent situation call 111.

Sally also mentioned the zoom meetings coming up for her Council with the Audit & Risk meeting and a Three Waters workshop on the agenda.

Brian finished with a reminder about wearing a mask and staying in your bubble and out of trouble and Sally’s message was to stay safe and stick to the rules … it’s worth it.

Click play on our podcast link to listen to the full interview with Thames Councillor and busy Emergency Management Chair Sally Christie.