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News / Goodbye winter, hello spring - Heavy Rain Watch for some

Goodbye winter, hello spring - Heavy Rain Watch for some

Goodbye winter, hello spring - Heavy Rain Watch for some

Posted August 30, 2021

Media Release: MetService

Heavy Rain Watch

Area: Auckland, Great Barrier Island and Coromandel Peninsula

Valid: 24 hours from 2:00 pm Monday to 2:00 pm Tuesday

Forecast: A band of heavy rain is expected to lie slow-moving over the area. There is some uncertainty as to exactly where the heaviest rain will fall, but rainfall amounts may approach warning criteria in the vicinity of this rain-band. Thunderstorms and localised downpours are also possible.

A slow-moving low to the northwest of Aotearoa / New Zealand brings unsettled conditions to the upper North Island for the first part of the week but MetService is forecasting a relatively calm start to meteorological spring.

MetService meteorologist David Miller explains, “There is some uncertainty in the weather models about where exactly the heaviest rain will fall, but localised areas may receive significant accumulations, so a Heavy Rain Watch has been issued for Auckland including Great Barrier Island and the Coromandel Peninsula. Keep an eye on the severe weather information for those areas.”

Strengthening easterlies and possible thunderstorms are also expected in the regions under the Heavy Rain Watch, as well as southern Northland and northern Waikato. The slow-moving low is forecast to weaken by Wednesday and rain is expected to ease to showers there.

For the remainder of the country, an improving trend is expected. Showers in the east of both Islands ease during Tuesday, as high pressure builds in the south.

Wednesday marks the first day of meteorological spring. “Although spring is usually characterised by fast-moving weather systems, mostly settled weather is forecast for much of the country this week, apart from a few showers in the east of the North Island.” Morning frosts are also possible in parts of the South Island.” says Miller.

A southerly change does spread up the South Island late Wednesday into Thursday, but any showers associated with this are expected to be brief. High pressure then remains firmly in charge to end the working week.