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Gold FM Fire Call Out

Gold FM Fire Call Out

Posted August 31, 2021
Emergency Services , Podcast

The Gold FM Fire Call Out on Monday August 30 covered the four calls Waihi Fire and Rescue attended over the last week.

Chief Fire Officer Moe Stevens and Brian Gentil went back to last Wednesday August 25 when the siren went off at 11.30 am. Moe said Waihi Fire & Rescue attended a small rubbish fire in Toomey St that had been called in. He said it was under control so they headed back to the station.

Brian asked if their head office had indicated they’d prefer no open fires during lockdown, which Moe confirmed, while also saying this is probably the time of year people tend to burn their cuttings, trimmings and rubbish so they expect the occasional call.

The next job they were called out to was on Thursday August 26. Their water tanker was required to help Katikati Fire and Rescue with a grove of bamboo that had caught alight just north of Katikati on Rea’s Rd. Moe said there was only a small amount of damage luckily.

The next calls were at 10.30 pm on Sunday 29 August, and again on Monday morning August 30 at 7 am. Moe explained that their head office is receiving signals from their system, which is currently in the midst of the major station upgrade, so it’s sending false signals. They were hoping technicians expected on site today might be able to solve this issue.

Brian mentioned the generosity of employers of the 22 local volunteers, who often down tools and head off to crashes, medical situations and fires at a moments notice. Moe said Waihi is very lucky with such a positive attitude regarding the fire and rescue volunteers from employers across the board, and that support is really appreciated.

To listen to the Gold FM Fire Call Out with Chief Fire Officer Moe Stevens just click our podcast …