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Gold FM Fire Call Out

Gold FM Fire Call Out

Posted September 06, 2021
Emergency Services , Podcast

The Gold FM Fire Call Out went into double figures this week.

Moe Stevens, Chief Fire Officer at Waihi Fire and Rescue, and Brian covered the 10 calls they received, starting with last Monday, August 30, at 7 am. They didn’t have to go anywhere; as happened last week it was another malfunction of their own system, caused by their renovations seeing some wiring open to the weather. Moe said that this has now been rectified.

Also last Monday, at 11 am they were called to a medical assist.

On Tuesday, 31 August, Waihi Fire & Rescue was called to another medical assist.

At 2.45 pm on Thursday afternoon, September 2, they responded to a motor vehicle crash south of Waihi when a car rolled just north of Tanners Point. Luckily no-one was injured. No other vehicles were involved Moe said.

And at 6.15 pm last Thursday they took their water tanker to a serious house fire at Pahoia.

Unfortunately the two story house was virtually gutted Moe said.

On Friday at 9.30 am they attended another medical assist.

At 5.30 pm on Saturday September 4 they responded to a fire alarm that had been set off at the Golden Cross on Rosemont Rd. The cause ended up to be some people who had been smoking in the building.

On Father’s Day, Sunday 5 September, Waihi Fire & Rescue went to another medical assist.

And on Monday, 6 September, the siren went off at 1.20 am after an alarm went off at Bowentown Boating and Fishing Club. They checked the building before returning to the station.

Brian asked if there had been anyone fishing at that time of the morning, with Moe saying they hadn’t seen anyone and it all appeared very quiet, as it should at that time of the night.

To listen to the Gold FM Fire Call Out, just click our podcast link ….