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News / Thames Coromandel Update with Councillor Tony Fox

Thames Coromandel Update with Councillor Tony Fox

Thames Coromandel Update with Councillor Tony Fox

Posted September 07, 2021
Council Matters , Podcast

Brian Gentil spoke to Mercury Bay Councillor Tony Fox to find out what Alert Level 2 means for the Thames Coromandel District Council.

The important thing to remember is that we are still at Alert Level 3 until midnight tonight.

Alert Level 2 kicks in after midnight Tuesday.

This time Level 2 is very different to the previous Level 2 last year because this delta variant is so virulent.

School is back on Thursday for the rest of the country at Level 2. (Apart from Auckland)

Face covering is mandatory in all public venues – libraries, shops etc

There’s a limit for 50 people for indoor gatherings and 100 people for outdoor spaces (outdoor venues) at Level 2

All gatherings must record and contact trace.

Social distancing and tracing must be adhered to at places like gyms, museums and libraries, in fact all public places including supermarkets.

Council will be putting out more specific details around council services.

Brian asked Tony about people’s behaviour around solid waste during the past few weeks.

During Level 3 and 4 waste has gone to landfill during lockdown Level 4 and Level 3 where recycling of plastics and fibre has been tipped.

Smart Environmental has been trying to recycle plastics and fibre from kerbside collections. However the contamination rates are very high under level 2 and likely to be started up again.

The key message is the need to reduce the level on contamination from the recycling bins. Collection drivers are seeing many of the recycling bins are contaminated with face masks, and sanitary products. As well as what looks like residents cleaning out their cupboards and garages with clothing etc. When a large number of contaminated recycling bins are collected the whole truck load of recycling becomes contaminated and the whole load is tipped to landfill.

This undermines the good work of those residents who have recycled responsibly and increases the costs to the rate payer.

Tony said if we take personal responsibility we all benefit. The majority of people do that it’s just a few that don’t.

MetService has issued a strong wind warning and is saying the Coromandel is in for S/SW gales from Wednesday through to the weekend. So make sure you lock everything down at home and take care if you’re out on the roads.

Remember to visit the council website to keep up to date with Alert Level 2 council services.