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News / 33 new community new cases of COVID-19

33 new community new cases of COVID-19

33 new community new cases of COVID-19

Posted September 13, 2021

Media Release: Ministry of Health

33 community new cases of COVID-19; three border cases in managed isolation; more than 4.3 million vaccines administered

Number of new community cases - 33

Number of new cases identified at the border - Three

Location of new cases - Auckland

Location of community cases (total) - Auckland 938 (3601 of whom have recovered); Wellington 17 (12 of whom have recovered)

Number of community cases (total) - 955 (in current community outbreak)

Cases infectious in the community Seven (35%) of yesterday’s 20 cases have exposure events

Cases in isolation throughout the period they were infected - 13 (65%) of yesterday’s 20 cases

Cases epidemiologically linked - 32 of today’s cases

Cases to be epidemiologically linked - One of today’s cases*

Cases epidemiologically linked (total) - 928 (in current cluster)

Number of sub-clusters Eight epidemiologically linked subclusters. The two largest subclusters are the Mangere church group: 381; and Birkdale social network cluster: 76.

There are nine epidemiologically unlinked subclusters.

Cases in hospital - 21 (total): North Shore (4); Auckland (7); Middlemore (10)

Cases in ICU or HDU - Four

Confirmed cases (total) - 3,593 since pandemic began

Historical cases, since 1 Jan 2021 (total) 137 out of 1,775 since 1 Jan 2021**

Number of contacts identified (total) - 38,681

Percentage who have received outbound call from contact tracers (to confirm testing and isolation requirements) - 87%

Percentage with at least one test result 92%

Locations of interest
Locations of interest (total) - 126 (as at 10am 13 September)

Number of tests (total) - 3,148,945

Number of tests total (last 24 hours) - 8,657

Tests rolling average (last 7 days) - 12,443

Tests in Auckland (last 24 hours) - 4,250

Testing centres in Auckland - 22

Wastewater detections - No unexpected detections in past 24 hours

COVID-19 vaccine update
Vaccines administered to date (total) - 4,325,490; 1st doses: 2,862,765; 2nd doses: 1,462,725

Vaccines administered yesterday (total) 33,866; 1st doses: 20,490; 2nd doses: 13,376

* 32 of the 33 cases reported today are epidemiologically linked. The one case yet to be linked is a person who presented to Middlemore Hospital on Saturday. There are seven others in their household. All seven are included in today’s 33.

** Four previously reported historical cases now have an ‘active’ health status – they have now been removed from the tally, which is why the number has reduced.